Hey hey hey!

Move your arm and let it sway…

This way, that way..

Bend your knees and let’s pray..

Any time, any day..

That’s a little snippet from lyrical master Mandy 😎 … inspired by the Holy Spirit of course.😉

I’m an avid lover of good music and ever since I can recall, I’ve always been drawn to South African music. There is a way that their voices blend in so harmoniously and the passion in their singing reverberates in each and every sound wave. God bless them!

The Holy Spirit led me to this song called Wenzile by Joyous Celebration. First, I was drawn in by the musicality of it all; the voices, the instruments, the harmonies … oh so glorious! Next up, I wanted to know what they were singing about so I went ahead to Google the lyrics and the message made the song all the more sweeter for me!

Wenzile okuhle kodwa (He has done great things)

Empilweni yami yonke (All the days of life)

Malibongwe! malibongwe! (Praise! Praise!)

Oh Malibongwe igama leNkosi

(Oh, praise the Name of the Lord)


Wezwa ukukhala kwami (He heard my cry)

Wangikhipha obishini olunzima (He took me out of muddy pit)

Wangibeka edwaleni (He placed me on a Rock)

Wangishiya neculo elisha (And left me with a new song)


Pursuant to my previous post, I too can attest of how the Lord took me out of the pit and gave me a new song. I am forever grateful for that.

 Can you resonate with the lyrics to the song?

If yes, what is it that you have to say about the Lord’s doing in your life?

I’d like to know your feedback so let’s get talking in the comments section below.

Sibusiso Mthembu (composer and lead singer) in action during one of the Joyous Celebration performances. Image source: Twitter

As we come to the conclusion of this post, the Lord wants you to always keep in mind that you are blessed, you are favored and that He loves you more than you could ever fathom!

Thank you for stopping by. 


That Lady.

11 thoughts on “Wenzile!

  1. You know my story all too well. I was in the valley of death. With the dry bones but the Almighty God rescued me and raised me up together with Christ. How great Thou art. He is a faithful God.


    1. Hallelujah!
      This wonderful God who called us to be His own.
      This God who gave us beauty for ashes.
      Praise His Holy Name. MALIBONGWE!


  2. Amen. I like it.


  3. The Devil took my joy, now he isn’t allowed to in Jesus name. The darkness I experienced last year is gone. He rescued me.


    1. I’m so happy to hear that the joy of the Lord is now your strength! 😃
      God has anointed you with the oil of gladness! Glory to God.


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