The Bass-Line

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Happy Friday to you!

How did you usher in the month of September? Did you have fun?

I am currently in Mombasa enjoying some sun… ☀️🌴

See how I ryhme? 😉

For real though, I am in Mombasa; so if you are in my vicinity, feel free to say hi! 🙂

Speaking of fun, my Ntate Ke Mang article caused a lot of ripples on the scene when the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) shared a joke I made about my hypothetical wishes of getting married to Dumi Mkokstad! Hehehehe!

Quite frankly, I did not expect such an overwhelming response… to the point that Dumi himself sent me a message on Instagram!! 😅 That came as a surprise to me!🤭 I honestly didn’t think Dumi would read my post… Hehehe!

Moral of the story: You never know who is watching (or reading)!

I know you’re wondering what Dumi told me but today is not Dumi day, so I will leave the conversation at that point. Plus, he got married in June so…

giphy (1).gif

Let’s get back to our story.

South Africans are so musical! I mean, even when the crowd is singing along to a song during a concert, they sing in harmonies!

For those who read my articles, you already know that I have a soft spot for South African Gospel; so when the song below automatically cued itself as I was listening to worship music on YouTube, I was delighted!

Could we take a minute to appreciate the Bass voices in the choir? Whew! The goosebumps on my neck as I heard the men hit the low notes…

hit the spot.gif
The bass was deep! Pun fully intended.. 😉

In my previous song review, the highlight for me was the Sopranos but as for Yiwo Lawa, the males have it!! Gender equality at best! See, I am all about equal opportunities… 🙂

Now, I thought the men had gone down low with the notes on Yiwo Lawa until I heard Lonile Ibandla Lakho and it got me thinking, “How low can you go?” 😏🤔😎 Once more, pun fully intended. Lol!

I like a man with a bass – Oooff! – yes, low notes give me all the feels!


I remember my choir days in high school when I would look forward to the Bass-II to rehearse their section of a song. Mmmmhh! 😍🎶 Also, my high school crush was a Bass II so… I don’t know whether it was serendipitous?

I dont know.gif

My Boss has a deep voice too but erm… 😏 let’s get back to Yiwo Lawa guys… 😇

Yiwo lawa, Yiwo lawa, zithathele! (This is it, this is it, receive it!)
Amandla kaJehova (The Power of the Lord) (Repeat)

Amandla! Amandla! Amandla ka Jehova
(The power! The Power! The Power of The Lord)


Tiwowowo, wowowo, wowo-wo, wowo-wo wowowo
Tiwowowo, wowowo, wowo-wo, wowo-wo wowowo

Moya oyingcwele! Moya oyingcwele! (Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit!)
Amandla kaJehova (The Power of the Lord)


Amandla! Amandla! Amandla ka Jehova
(The power! The Power! The Power of The Lord) (Repeat)


Source: Gospel lyrics

I love the simplicity of the song. The lyrics are repetitive hence placing emphasis on the subject, that is, the power of the Lord. I had the song on loop whilst listening to it via headphones.


Whenever I want to “ingest” a song, I like using headphones for “direct contact” with the music. Another thing I do is to look up the lyrics and assess whether a song is worth my airplay or not. Some music can be brandished “Gospel” but the message is far from godly. Third, I allow the Holy Spirit to minister to me through the music. If a song does not “sit right” with me, I stop listening to it.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

1 John 4:1 NKJV

I appreciate Yiwo Lawa for the bass sorry, I mean, overall musicality and the potency of its message. My pal, Lamu Maundu, had shared about the power of subliminal messaging. What we listen to is an indicator of what we believe in and also determines what we eventually speak.

“…..For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

Luke 6:45  (NKJV)

Let’s feed our soul with music that is filled with the Spirit of the Lord and focuses our attention on God.

As I draw to a close, I’d like to know the songs you’ve been listening to lately. 🙂 Care to share with me? Let’s catch up via the comments section. 🙂

God loves you so much!❤️


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4 thoughts on “The Bass-Line

  1. 😂😂😂you are hilarious!!
    I love southafrican music too❤❤❤❤especially the one called ‘Kuregerera’ by Joyous Celebration.


    1. Thank you for reading MaryAnne!🤗
      I’ll listen to ‘Kuregerera’ 😃


  2. Good read.
    Subliminal messaging is so powerful. You have got to be awake not to get duped.
    Thank God, Holy Spirit, for working is us always.


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