Yes, I do!

Greetings to you all!

I am still so excited about the rediscovery of my blog! Yes, I am that person who remains ecstatic for ages!.. 🙂
The joy of the Lord is my portion forever more!


As I’d mentioned before, my recent posts were all published four years ago and a whole lot has happened since then.
The title of this post suggests that I am may be married or engaged… which is erm.. true to a certain extent.

Let me explain:

The year was 2015 and the month; February. I had this unsettling feeling within me that I had never experienced before. I felt a void that I did not know what could fill it or how it could be filled. I read books, I did yoga (to ‘find inner peace’) but nothing seemed to assuage that deep stirring within me. Whatever seemed to make me happy; the partying, the music and everything else, lost its lustre.
I could not put a finger on what the matter was; I was not depressed, I was not unhappy, everything was going well in my work life and social life; so this feeling was inexplicable.

One night, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, I decided to pray. I never used to pray so this was interesting to me. I knelt by my bedside and said ‘Hi’ to God. There was not much I could say since I did not fully comprehend what prayer was about. Most times I would say The Grace or The Lord’s Prayer and end it at that but that night, I decided to make a personal communication with ‘this God’. Let me clarify that I was not an atheist nor had I no knowledge of God. Indeed I knew of God but I did not know Him at a personal level.
After the salutations, I proceeded to explain that feeling to God as I would to friend or to a therapist. I spoke to God. It felt great. I was not expecting a reply but it felt great. Nothing much changed that night but I felt good. I had a tugging in my heart that whatever this ‘thing’ was; prayer sure did make me feel better about it. Evening passed and morning came. I felt better after talking to God. The following night, I prayed again. I was enjoying my evening chats with God. The disturbing feeling that I had would always be calmed after prayer.

The following month (March 2015), during a friend’s house warming party, a former roommate of mine invited me to her church. I gladly accepted. I was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya, where I would casually attend church services but I had never attended a church service while in Nairobi – excluding wedding and funeral services – so that would have been a first for me. My heart palpitated at the thought of going to church. When in Mombasa, church attendance was a mere formality for me as my heart and mind would never be in the service. This time round, I was in it. I was drawn to it. The void that I had, I felt that God would know how to go about it. He created me and only He could understand what I was going through.

On 8th March, 2015, clad in my Sunday best outfit (pun intended), I headed to church with an eagerness and deep hunger to know God. It was on that day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. That is the day I said “I do” and I received the life of Christ. That is the day I became a Christian, Mrs. Christ.

Yes I do
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“I will make you my wife forever, showing you righteousness and justice, unfailing love and compassion.” Hosea 2:19 NLT

Everything all made sense now; the void I was feeling, the unsettling feeling that I had, was all leading up to my salvation. Christ had been knocking at the door of my heart.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20 (NKJV)

I am indeed very happy that God chose me to be His bride. I am honoured that God drew me to Himself.
Let me pose a question(s) to you; are you at a point in life where you feel that nothing is making sense anymore? Would you like to know what a relationship with Christ feels like?
Comment below and we can get talking.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

God bless you abundantly!


That Lady.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I do!

  1. Indeed He knocks and if anyone hears Him and opens the door, He will come in. Powerful.
    This is a miracle in itself.

    Glory to God

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lamu.
      Salvation is a miracle. It is indeed a privilege to be born again.


  2. Salvation is indeed the greatest gift we can receive. I’m so glad that you found the Lord Mandy, this is so beautiful.


    1. Thank you Ian.
      The Lord found me, none of this is my doing. To God be all the glory!


  3. Can’t wait to read more of your testimony. Welcome back. That was a long hiatus.


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