A Master Reset

Ladies and gentlemen,

Compliments of the new season. Haha! I will keep saying this till the wheels fall off.. or till the next holiday. Valentine’s Day perhaps?

I trust that you are all good. I am currently listening to a dope Gospel Seben playlist that I compiled over the course of December last year, as I type out this article. These Congolese folks be jammin’!!

Today, I am sharing about the healing power of Jesus Christ via a testimony from my friend, Ms. Koki Mulwa. Koki and I went to campus together a few years ago and the Lord rekindled our relationship in the course of 2022. Koki is a beautiful lady, both inside and out; but before we get to her inner beauty, let’s we take a moment to optically appreciate this fine piece of God’s creation.

You can wipe the drool from your mouth now, you have an article to read. Haha!

Without further ado, below is the tear-jerking, life-altering testimony of Ms. Koki Mulwa:

A few days ago, I was at home reading a book, and the next time I was aware of myself was at the back of an ambulance, surrounded by paramedics on my way to the emergency room. The happenings in-between were later narrated to me by those who saved my life, I suffered a seizure and have no recollection of events for a total 1.5 hours. This has never happened to me before. I have found it extremely difficult to move on from the fateful evening this happened, and why it happened.

I have spent a lot of time thinking through my life and how I got here. My last few months and years have not been peaceful. They have been loaded with personal experiences that I have had a very difficult time wrapping my mind around. I left Kenya for the United States of America, to put distance and space between me and life as I knew it. A new life was a refresh in very many ways, and I thought that with time away, I would simply transition into a new life and put a lot behind.

You see, for very many years, my life coping mechanism has been to re-set dynamically when sh*t hit the fan and this geographical move was a re-set. I was oblivious to the fact that I cope with life by re-setting so drastically until my ex-boyfriend pointed this out to me as one of the reasons leading to my last relationship ending. Literally speaking, I have been the queen of re-sets until life spun around and hit me with the grandest re-set of them all, a seizure complete with an unprecedented 1.5 hour blank period of my life. Check-mate.

The whole point of this is not to go into the details of why I choose to re-set. Reflecting on my life in general, I am realizing that I have a lot of truths and wisdoms to share, and I better start sharing because indeed nobody knows the time or the hour. In as much as I have had loaded past personal experiences, they have actually pruned me to be a better person most of the times, and some of the times I have imploded. Regardless, I am determined to attain a character that enables me to achieve maximum impact across all my life spheres. It has dawned on me that I have been sleeping on myself, yet I was the real deal and not doing justice with what I have to offer to the world.

I thought I had been sweeping my past sufferings under the carpet, instead each one has shaped my life lens and made me a kinder and more empathetic person as I can relate with people who are suffering without passing along judgement. As a result, I am more tolerable of various personality types and surrounded by people that find me endearing. I easily make friends and I have frequently been told I am beautiful and not just because of my looks but because of my soul. Here are a few general life learnings I would like to share:

  • Guard your personal and mental space. Always place people in concentric circles with yourself at the center and be clear on how close or how far you permit them into your life. Not everyone should have access to your mind. Protect your space.
  • I have been globe-trotting and experiencing different folks. Every single person is solving their own problems that you absolutely have no clue about, be kind.
  • Life is extremely short. You blink and it’s over, make the most of it.
  • My last birthday was spent in Las Vegas and while it was great to see this internationally renowned city, it dawned on me that I have experienced the exact thrills of Las Vegas countless times prior without stepping into Las Vegas. Enjoy your life corner and the thrills that come with it.
  • Life, future plans, and health are not in our hands, and it is important to make peace with that.
  • Everyone has a life path unique to themselves, and it is not your business to make anyone understand yours. Whatever is meant for you will find you on your path. Some journeys are certainly more unique than others, but there are no journeys that are better than others.
  • Money is King. The world unfortunately responds to you based on your presence or absence of money. Be savvy with regards to – how to make money, save money, and spend money wisely. The presence of money gives options.

Every 10 years, I go through something that stops me in my tracks and this was it for 2022. Let’s not talk about the near fatal car accident with my family in 2002, my benign tumor of 2011/2012 and now my memory lapse and seizure of 2022. I have gone off on very wild tangents in my life, and I truly do know to my core that I am destined for great things if God in His Mercy uses the most startling of events to draw me back. While I had the calmness and presence of mind to go through 2002 and 2011/2012, it is in 2022 that I have frozen in my tracks to really think through my life and what this last very hard re-set means for me. This one hit differently, and I am still trying to figure out why I had to go through this master re-set.

Koki Mulwa, 2023

Could someone get me some tissues please? I get so excited whenever I learn about yet another testimony of the healing power of Jesus.

As Koki seeks answers from the Lord on why she had to go through that ordeal; I know that therein lies another testimony simmering, getting ready for publication.

I will leave you with a quote from Koki that she shared with me as we were discussing the particulars of publishing this blog post:

“Your own experiences have value. You have accumulated your own wisdom too. Stake your claim. Put something down for the ages, in word and in example. Experiences shape us is more ways than one.”

Koki Mulwa

It is my prayer that the Lord has ministered to you through this testimony. You are blessed and highly favoured. You are loved. You are cherished. If you would like to get born again and receive the life of Christ, please repeat the prayer below:

Dear Lord,

Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I believe in my heart that you died and rose again and I confess with my mouth that You are Lord and Saviour in my heart and in my life. I denounce my former ways and choose to be Your child. Thank You for setting me free. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Congratulations! You are now a child of God! You have made the best decision in your life!

Thank you for reading till the end. Stay tuned for the sequel because I know it is nigh!

God bless you.


That Lady

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