The Unexpected

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What’s cracking wichu?

Are you having a good time during this Covid-19 season?

I was a little bit conflicted as to what I wanted to write for my next article. I had a few pre-written articles in my drafts but I was not resonating with them.

Today, I am here for a little story telling so get yourself some popcorn… 🙂

Ladies, this one’s for you so fellas, I’m sorry. Catch me in the next article?

Y’all know this is about to get saucy because I am here to spill some tea…

Without further ado girls, let’s right to it…. Shall we?

So …. That Lady got a crush! Hehehehe!

I was busy minding my business but you know with coronavirus; a certain man decided to spread something contagious…. FEELINGS! And I caught them! I caught feelings! Whew! That was so new to me. I had not felt this way in close to seven years. You know; butterflies in the stomach, feeling the chills whenever I spoke to him…. I’m sure that we have all felt this way about someone at one point or another so you can relate. Right?

I did not like the man at first but with consistent calling and meeting up, I started seeing this person in a different light. I was like… “He’s cute”

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. I grew to like this person the more we got talking and the more we spent time together. Man’s was tall, funny, witty and we genuinely clicked. The chemistry was effervescent (see what I did there? 😉 ). Most importantly, he was born again.


At first, I wasn’t too sure whether Man’s was being friendly or was actually hitting on me. The signals were mixed.

Eventually, he told me that he liked me. Chiiiiilllee!

I was tongue-tied! I was exhilarated at first and then…. I got scared. Eeek!! I was wondering what this meant. Was I going to be a girlfriend? Then a wife? Am I going to open up to this person?

All the questions that were going through my mind!

I did not know what to do! I prayed. I asked God what was next. What would it be like being a girlfriend? What would it be like as a fiancee? What would it be like as a wife? Ladies, I freaked out! But… the man was sweet enough to still keep talking to me even though I had not told him how I felt. Awwww!!

Two months later, I eventually told the man that I liked him too and you know what happened? Nothing. For real. Absolutely nothing. My feelings were acknowledged and that was it. No further action to that piece of information. I wasn’t asked out. Anti-climax much? I know.

So yeah… that’s my story. Quite something eyy? Or maybe it’s not a big deal? I donno.

There is another part of this story that I will update you on in due course! Hehehe!

At this juncture, that is all ladies!

If you are a man and have read up to this point, God and I are not happy with you! Okay?

If you are Mr. Man’s reading this … Erm…. I express myself through writing. Sowwie! But hey…. All in good fun. 🙂

Some of you may be shocked by what I have written today but in case you didn’t know; I go through the motions just like everyone else. Yes, I am in this world, I am just not of this world. (John 17:16) Ya heard?

Let’s be candid in this Body of Christ, you feel me?

Catch you later in the sequel… 😉


That Lady

5 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. I habe chekad…I feel there is even a meme for just sich a circumstance🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved every minute of reading this! The memes….🤣🤣🤣 matched the words expressed so well. Gal,it is a nice switch from what av ever read, suits the season…sparks or not in covid era😅….I have ever been in your shoes….all Al say….I hate….no loathe mind games! Who has the time or energy to try n decode what the other is thinking or what their silence means…..arrgggghhhh!
    Anyways….you are beautiful, you are loved , you are enough…missment kibao deskie and Blessings😘😍😍😍😍


    1. Deskieeeee!!
      Thank you for reading and thank you for the positive declarations upon me. I acknowledge them in Jesus’ Name.
      Missment too!!


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