So far, so unprecedented

Good people,

How’s it going?

This is one of those nights where I ate a tad too much and it’s uncomfortable for me to sleep. Also, I drank coffee late in the afternoon and now I’m wide awake. 😭

I usually don’t take caffeine but I forgot to carry my delicious Turkey Berry tea sachets (thank you Millicent) to the office and I wanted to drink something hot (it’s been raining lately) so I took what was there… which was coffee. You might wonder what Turkey Berry is, it is a locally available fruit in Ghana that is high in iron. Millicent Agidipo Adoboe, the co-founder of Achiever Foods, processes this fruit and produces a herbal tea that is both yummy and highly nutritious. I had the honour of visiting her production company and Millicent took me through the whole process from how they source the fruit to how they make the tea bags. It is a detailed and highly meticulous process.

One the different flavours of Turkey Berry tea
Millicent (left) and I (right) enjoying a warm cup of Turkey Berry tea.

This post is not about tea though.. lol. I work in the agriculture sector and my father is a farmer so I am genuinely intrigued by the amazing work going on in the agri-food sector in Africa; more so if they are youth led.

At the farm weight training with cabbages 🙂

Today also marks exactly one month to my birthday! Yaaaaay! I am thinking of what to do to commemorate it this year. I was in a totally different headspace last year but this time round, I am looking forward to it. Y’all know my birthday is a pretty big deal. 😉

This was during my birthday luncheon-cum-dinner dinner last year
Thanking everyone that took the time to make my birthday special

I’m currently listening to Kumama Papa by Grace Lokwa featuring Moses Bliss & Prinx Emmanuel. It’s a smooth, soothing jam. You can sample it when you get a moment. I really love African worship. I am also from listening to Mkhulumsebenzi by Khaya Mthethwa. The South Africans really hit the spot for me. Whew!

I hoped this post would have been penned by Mr. Nonchalant himself but broski is treating his article so nonchalantly … see what I did there? 😁😁

God has a sense of humor you know. I met Mr. Nonchalant close to two years ago and after writing about him; I met him two months later!

When we met again recently, amongst the first things he asked me was, “So you decided to tell the world that I’m nonchalant?”

In my defense, I didn’t think I’d see him in person… at least not that soon. So I sat across him like….

You know what? I hadn’t even told him that I was traveling to his country. So how did we end up meeting? You wonder. Well, I told him that I had sent a package to him via a friend who was traveling his way and that he could collect it from the hotel that this said friend was lodging in.

He got to the hotel thinking he’d meet my friend… but alas; it was I.

He was surprised 😮

He kept saying, “I need to process this”, “This is surreal” and when it eventually dawned on him that he wasn’t facing an apparition; he gave me a long, warm, squishy hug.

The man swept me off my feet; and I mean this literally.… not what you’re thinking 😛😛😛

We then proceeded to behave like clowns for the rest of the week 😁😂

I had such a great time!!!! If I do say so myself.

An interesting fact is that we’d never hang out together before; save for the group dinner and a brief shopping experience way back when. In essence, that was our first time we were spending quality time together….alone. I learnt that he doesn’t say much and prefers to keep to himself but on the contrary, he is quite funny and daringly adventurous. My experience with him was something worth writing about and here I am, literally writing about it. Ha!

He called me two days ago when I was at work:

Him: Are you in the office?

Me: Yes. Where else would I be? Lol.

Him: You may as well be in my country since you have a knack of showing up unannounced.

Mr. Nonchalant is a great man. He is a wonderful listener, super competitive in everything and a lover of music. He plays the keyboard.

Mr. Nonchalant is also a servant of God; spreading the Gospel… of post-harvest losses hehe! [His words not mine]. He will tell you more about himself, his journey with God and what he is up to at the moment in terms of ministry, career and his future endeavors. But since Mr. Nonchalant is behaving nonchalantly with his article, we will commence our finance talks series with Brian Ogaba in the next article. 🙂

Are you excited to be discussing money? Children of God need to make that paper, right?

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

Deuteronomy 8:18 NKJV

The Lord has given us power to make wealth. It is also important for us to gain wisdom on how to make and grow the money.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him”

James 1:5 NKJV

Brian will take us through godly principles on wealth; how to make it, grow it and most importantly, how wealth propagates God’s Kingdom here on earth.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this topic. Please prepare your notebooks and pens because it is going to be an educative article.

Before I say goodbye, I would like to know whether you are born again… are you? If not, please repeat this prayer out loud:

Dear Lord,

Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I believe in my heart that you died and rose again and I confess with my mouth that You are Lord and Saviour in my heart and in my life. I denounce my former ways and choose to be Your child. Thank You for setting me free. I am now born again.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Congratulations for making the best decision ever! Life in God and with God is the absolute best!

Talk soon!


That Lady

2 thoughts on “So far, so unprecedented

  1. Millicent Agidipo Adoboe 21/05/2023 — 11:15 PM

    Woow, very inspiring. The storyline is addictive. Thanks Amanda for featuring our Daliha Turkey Berry Tea. Y’all needs to taste it.


    1. Indeed, everyone should have a taste.
      Thank you for reading.


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